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Finance & Protection

All products purchased from Seamasters are backed by a manufacturer warranty.

We strive to make the financing portion of your purchase experience simple and efficient. Fill out a quick and confidential online credit application now. This allows you to submit a
few personal details to help us get you the best financing options and rates achievable, with
the quickest possible turnaround (usually 1 business day or less), so you can get on the water

Should you ask yourself why you would finance through Seamasters, here are a few key
advantages why our finance and protection products might be best for you:

1) Our goal is to provide you (the borrower) with the lowest interest rates possible;
2) We will provide you with Extended Warranty options which not only benefit you, the
owner, but also could reduce the interest rate;
3) You will have the ability to speak to someone and have your questions answered
professionally and effectively;
4) Options for early payouts and additional payments (with no penalty);
5) Ability to extend the amortization to set a budget and payment target that’s comfortable for
6) Self employed? … we can still approve you;
7) Regardless of your credit situation, we endeavour to help you achieve an approval, and we
will do what it takes to get you on the water.

Protection Packages
Now that you’ve decided on your new boat package, and we have covered the Online Credit
Application, we want to discuss the protection of not only your new (or new to you) boat or
marine product, as there are many options available to give you comfort and peace of mind.
Our new products come with a limited factory warranty, which is a fantastic warranty and a
great starting point. We want you to know the benefits of extending this to allow you to feel
confident in the product for years to come.

In partnership with our lenders, we have options to protect your investment further than what
you can get with regular insurance.

Talk to us about exciting products such as Extended Warranty, Loan Protection, GAP
Protection, Theft and Tire & Wheel Protection.

Health Coverage(s)
With Life Insurance coverage on your loan, you can ensure the loan does not dramatically
affect your financial situation should your life take a turn for the worst. With Critical Illness
, you can focus on the health of your body and not the health of your credit by
adding this coverage to eliminate all, or a portion, of your payment. With Disability Coverage
you can be prepared to enjoy your product even if you are off on disability leave from your job.
By eliminating these risks and by adding these health coverages to protect you (the borrower)
and your family, we truly believe you are making the right decision from the start!



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